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IMG New Energy Sources Unit started (Read:715times) (2009-11-19)
      As a new development trend, New Energy Sources has become more popular in industry. IMG, a constantly innovation company, has started to operate New Energy Sources in the Middle of November. 
IMG become a supplier of Jaguar & La(Read:825times) (2009-11-14)
       Aftering passing suppliers evaluation of BYD & Faw-Volkswagen, IMG auto unit have made great progress in auto mold making. In this October, we become supplier of Jaguar & Land Rover Co.,ltd. We are stepping forward the goal of famous auot parts supplier in China and world.
IMG cooperated with Siemenz Group(Read:867times) (2009-11-13)
      IMG cooperated with Siemenz Group in Smart Grid Project, they are very satisfied with our seamless cooperation.
IMG become a supplier of Mindray sin(Read:668times) (2009-11-13)
     IMG become a supplier of Mindray since October, which marks our medical business enter into a new stage. 
IMG become a supplier of BYD & Faw-V(Read:880times) (2009-10-9)
      IMG become a formal supplier of BYD and Faw-Volkswagen since September.  It marks our automotive business have stepped into a new page.
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